What's the Buzz on the Buzz

Is Buzzing normal on a Plasma?

  • Yes, all Plasma's have a faint Buzz, it's just part of the technology used in Plasma Displays.
  • Normally, most people only hear it in a dead silent room when standing close to the back of display.

Why do I read so much of it in reference to Pioneers?

  • Pioneer owners are paying top dollar and a probably a little more critical than your average TV viewer.
  • Pioneer Plasma uses a single layer of glass (which is a great thing) which exposes the user to slightly more buzz.

Does it depend on altitude?

  • Yes, higher altitude might create slightly more buzz.

Will I hear it when watching TV?

  • Unlikely, normally it's way less than most DVR's, Game consoles or even the fans in many Flat Panel displays

Does the environment it runs in make a difference?

  • Yes, Hard smooth surfaces behind the set will reflect any noise from behind the set towards you.
  • "Live Rooms" like rooms with hardwood floors, lot's of glass may reflect the smallest noise around the room.

Does it depend on my hearing ability?

  • Yes, some people hear it better than others.

It's really bothering me, could my set be defective?

  • Yes, some sets have been defective or out of spec. It should not impact your normal viewing pleasure.

Will Pioneer cover this issue under warranty?

  • Basically No. Check with your dealer before purchasing or purchase with a no questions asked 30day return policy.

Is there any way I can reduce the Buzz?

  • Yes, Turn on Power Saver1 or Power Saver2 (in many cases it helps a lot).
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