Surge Protection

Do you need surge protection?

  • If you REALLY want to protect your equipment get a WHOLE HOUSE surge protector.
    • They protect the whole house.
    • They protect it earlier in the path so it has time to sink the current BEFORE it gets within 3 feet from your new TV.
    • They sink MUCH more current.
    • They are not that expensive. They start at around $60.00 (I bought a GE one at Home Depot for that price but they have gone up in price since).
  • Intermatic, GE, Tripplite, Panamax, Leviton all make them.
  • They are pretty easy to install if you've ever say replaced a circuit breaker. A reasonable electrian shouldn't charge more than $100.00 labor to install it (if that).
  • Some whole house units pop into a circuit breaker slot. You get the advantage of early clamping but they are usually limited on current because of the limited space.
  • You still may want to protect your cable TV
    • With FIOS, Ground Loops and Surges are a thing of the past and you don't need it, but you still need one on the power.
  • Unless you have serious brown out or power outage problems a UPS is totally overkill and totally ungreen thing to do.

What if I live in an appartment or rent and cannot install a Whole House Surge Protector

  • You'll have to get a plug-in type.
  • How do I compare the ratings?
    • Be careful comparing ratings. There is no standard. Some very cheap units will have outragious ratings.
    • The critical measure is Joules over time. They may list peak Joules with no time or ideal time with no Joules.
    • Good luck on those warranties.
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