Information on Breakin

Some folks recommend that you Break in your new Pioneer Plasma with the Breakin DVD

Note: The settings below are ONLY for using the Breakin DVD, NOT for normal viewing

Breakin Information

8th Generation (KURO) BREAKIN settings

6th & 7th Generation BREAKIN Settings

Do I really need to run the Breakin DVD?

  • No, Some believe that the whole DVD Breakin procedure is overkill on today's new displays.
  • But you should follow the guidance in your owners manual at a minimum. Typically that means for the first 100 hours or so to…
    • Only watch full screen material (use stretch mode for Standard Definition (SD) broadcasts)
    • Avoid static images (avoid games, fixed displays in the border like games scores)
    • Turn on "Orbit Mode" slightly shifts display around
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